IPD’s Pick of the Month  – Colombia (Complementary Download)

Colombia has world-class solar irradiation, wind, and geothermal resources. But the structure of the country’s electricity sector has stymied renewables development. Colombia has limited dependence on fossil fuels, but relies heavily on hydro. It also holds to a principle of technological neutrality and free competition, which means that the government will not intervene to promote any particular technology. But an El Niño-triggered electricity sector crisis in H1 2016 reminded officials that a diversified generation mix is key to a healthy energy sector.  For more, please download the report below.

This edition of our Renewable Energy Tracker also provides insight on the following:

  • IPD’s Pick of the Month: Colombia
  • Up-to-date details on key energy auctions across the region
  • Chile’s latest energy auction sets new benchmark for unsubsidized solar projects
  • Mexico jumps onto Lat Am’s green bond bandwagon
  • Project of the Month: BMR Energy’s wind farm in Jamaica
  • Policy and Regulatory Developments: “Boricuas” shine up their power grid
  • Policy and Regulatory Developments: Argentina Supreme Court says no to Macri’s plan to cut gas subsidies
  • Profile of the Month: Maximo Pacheco Matte, Chile’s Energy Minister
  • Colombia’s regulatory decisions a lynchpin for renewables

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