Supply and Demand Modeling: Pin Down Dynamic Scenarios

IPD analyzes an array of interlinking issues, including production-demand trends, import-export dynamics, key actors, pricing, and substitute fuel options, to paint a multi-dimensional picture of the markets and policies that shape the supply-demand outlook. We continuously monitor pipeline and other regional infrastructure, track refining activity, power generation projects, and industrial growth to guarantee the highest quality inputs for strong results.

Natural Gas

IPD’s natural gas supply and demand analysis works to build certainty around domestic and export investment projects’ potential market development. Natural gas supply modeling forecasts gas production in producing fields, exploratory activities, gas consumption, and field operation losses. Demand modeling assesses power, petrochemical, refining, steel and aluminum, gas injection, and secondary oil recovery sector developments. Projects are ranked according to their feasibility and ordered along the spectrum from more-certain to more-speculative volumes.


IPD offers a diluent supply and demand analysis for the Venezuelan market. As oil production in Venezuela’s traditional basins continues to decline, the country will become increasingly dependent on the Orinoco Oil Belt (OOB) for future incremental growth. Energy authorities have announced an aggressive plan to develop several new projects in this area.

IPD’s New Orinoco Belt Projects Diluent Study provides a comprehensive picture of the supply-demand dynamics surrounding light crude oil in Venezuela, and pinpoints areas that could be impacted by possible diluent deficits.

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