Key Stakeholders Management: Connect and Engage

A stakeholder is anyone whose actions can affect an organization or who is affected by the organization’s actions. As in may parts of the world, Latin America’s energy sector is highly politicized with multiple actors maintaining constantly evolving influence over the industry’s organizations, policy and development.

In addition, traditional, and often legal, lines between institutions can be blurred. Key stakeholders are frequently aligned with competing political sects, even within the same political parties.

This lack of clear institutional framework, and informality in roles played by government and NOC authorities often emphasizes individuals over institutions, making stakeholder mapping and strategy development all the more relevant.

IPD’s Stakeholder Strategy Service provides essential intelligence for building strong engagement plans. It traces individual stakeholder’s views and positions as they relate to shaping business development strategies. It also tracks the rotating cast of players in key roles, and places all information and analysis online, to provide users with real time perspective.

The Stakeholders Board — Real Time Information for Opportunity

IPD’s international and on-the-ground teams monitor the oil and gas industry daily to efficiently reflect changes in key federal and regional government, as well as NOC personnel on our proprietary Stakeholders Board.

The Stakeholders Board deposits professional profiles, institutional organizational charts, power maps, and other relevant information in a single, efficient, online space.

Customize your Stakeholder Strategy

The Stakeholders Board can be tailored to meet each client’s individual project development and investment needs. Stakeholders can be grouped by government agency, state oil company division, geographical region, among other options. Or, specific projects can be mapped, allowing clients to build clear strategies across distinct project teams.

Customized energy consulting for you.

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